Sunday, July 31, 2011

Feeling a lot Better, but.....

i am still getting heartburn everynight. it only goes away when i take pepcid. my throat started to hurt this weekend. it is a side effect of the adriamycin. no white patches though. i actually was able to eat a bit more tonight then last night. we actually had steak and potato salad, and macaroni salad. macaroni and watermelon seem to be better on my stomach. i have already lost ten pounds.

this week, there is no chemo, next monday is my next round. adriamycin and cytoxan. i will be asking for a different nausea med. reglan didnt agree with me. it made me feel funny. my temperrature has been holding at normal numbers. suppose to checjk it everyday at the same time. if it goes above one hundred degrees, i need to go to the hospital.

thank you everyone, please continue to send prayers up to our higher calling. remember archangel raphael, he is the angel of healing......

love you guys. good night for now

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