Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pathology Report

I called the doctor's office today, because I had not heard anything yet. Dr. Huang had said probably Thursday or Friday. I called Thursday and Friday and no report yet. I spoke with his nurse today and said that she would track down the pathology report.

Within 5 minutes, Dr. Huang called me. He had taken 2 lymph nodes and stated that the cancer cells had spread to them both. The whole breast was removed and it had a tumor greater than 5 cm.

Stage 3 Breast Cancer.

This is not want I wanted to hear. He said the only good news was that the tumor had clear margins, and he got all of it. Though the cancer cells spread to the nodes. I will probably have to go back for more lymph node removal. Dr. Huang was going to put a referral in today for Lafayette Cancer Center in Bangor/Brewer. I will need chemotherapy and radiation. I won't know exactly the treatment until I meet with my team at Lafayette.

I am really scared! But I guess, one day at a time.

I meet with Dr. Huang on Thursday in the am. Hopefully, he will pull the 2 drains that are in my chest. They really hurt the most.

Until the next post, DO YOUR BREAST EXAMS. 


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