Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update on Oncology Appointment

Good News!! My bone scan was negative. This is really good news, this means that the cancer has not spread to my bones. I had the bone scan and the CT scan yesterday. My chest CT and pelvic CT were both negative. There was a small spot on my liver, but I have had history of having a fatty tumor on my liver 5 years ago with a gallbladder US.

I have to have an MRI tomorrow with contrast to rule out the liver spot. As long as it is still just a fatty spot, I get the porta cath and then Echocardiogram. Tentatively, I am scheduled to start Chemotherapy July 25!

Dr. Sinclair stated that the breast specialist from Dana Farber agreed with our plan. Chemotherapy, then resection of  more lymph nodes, then radiation. This specialist agreed that my tumor was a very fast and aggressive tumor.

This is all very good news. I have a much lighter heart then I did yesterday. I cried all the way home from Lafayette Cancer Center. I was worried that the cancer had spread to my bone. IT IS NEGATIVE!!!!

Again, when you send a prayer my way, please send a prayer to Laura Morgan as well. She was extubated today. Moving around a little bit, still pretty out of it though. All the prayers and angels are helping. Hoping she will wake up soon.

                                                         Archangel Michael

                                                                Archangel Gabriel

                                                                Archangel Raphael

Till my next blog, take care. The angels are watching over us.

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