Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Oncology Consultation

Today was my oncology consultation. Dr. Sinclair at Lafayette Cancer Center in Brewer, Maine. I was asked to be in a study for women with breast cancer age 19 to 42 with a certain type of cancer. Of course, I said yes. It is a study about breast cancer and exercise. There is  a study out that correlates exercise with decreased reoccurrence of breast cancer.

Dr. Sinclair then came in and introduced herself. She seemed very nice. She sat down at the computer and started to explain all the lab findings, obtained my history, and performed a physical exam of breasts and lymph nodes.

The Pathology Report: a little different than how Dr. Huang explained it. It was not a tumor that was 11cm wide. It was in fact 10 separate tumors measuring 11 cm wide with extensive lymph node involvement. The sentinel node was fully encapsulated by the tumor. There are only 2 good things about my cancer/tumor. The margins of the main tumor were clear and the cancer is 90% Estrogen Receptor with 50% Progesterone Receptor. This is good, if I am put into premature menopause, then the cancer can't grow as fast because it needs estrogen to grow.

I was suppose to have a porta cath placed tomorrow but Dr. Sinclair wants to wait. I had to have a bone scan and CT of chest, abdomen and pelvis to rule out metastisis. If the cancer has gone to other places or to bone, then no IV chemotherapy only Tamoxifen. If the cancer has not gone into body or bone, then we will start chemotherapy on Monday. Porta cath will be placed this Thursday or Friday.

On Wednesday, my oncologist is going to the tumor board at EMMC. All disciplines will be there (surgeons, oncologists, nurses, even a Breast specialist from Dana Farber Institute). I think this is awesome, Dana Farber is sending up one of their breast cancer specialists to review cancers and my case. Dr. Sinclair stated that she fought to get my case added to their review. I think this is good news. She stated that this is a very aggressive cancer and that we need to treat it aggressively.

She ordered at CT and Bone Scan today, those were done at EMMC today. The contrast that I had to drink was nasty. Gastrograffin yucky with raspberry crystal light. But drank it down. Hopefully, Dr. Sinclair should contact me by noon tomorrow with plan. Kinda nervous.

While I was waiting for the nuclear med to go through my body, I went to visit a very sick friend. Laura Morgan who was in that really bad car accident in Hartland. She is still not awake, she is being kept on a fentanyl drip. I told her that I was going to write about her on my blog and that I want everyone that reads this to pray for her and send her thoughts of angels. She needs all the prayers that she can get. She has broken both her ankles, tibias, multiple bruises and partially severed her bowels and has an open wound in her belly. Please in the next few weeks, when you think of me please think of Laura too, please. She needs prayers as much as I do. She delivered food to me right after my mastectomy. She is my angel and I am hers. Laura is in my prayers and sending her love. Thank you all.

I will write when I get a more definitive course of treatment, hopefully by noontime tomorrow.



  1. OMG Jen, I am still having a hard time believing all this is true with you and now with Laura. I just saw her in the pharmacy like last week. I know that you are very strong and will surpass all of this. I am always thinking of and am wishing I could take this nasty disease away for you. I love you and want to make sure that if there is anything Adam or I can do for you even if you feel like it is nothing please ask us.

    Thinking of you always



  2. I am sure you have figured this out by know Jen, But Dr.Sinclair is excellent. You are in great hands. She is moms Dr. and mom feels very very comfortable with her. As I do, I am doing a study for the Center using Vitamin B and a placebo. I have yet to start it but Sarah is susposed to contact me within the next few wks to get me all set up with it. I told her that if there was anything that I could do for research that I wanted to do it. If there is anything that I can help to find a cure or a prevention for this I am 100% in. Thinking about you.

    Lot of Love,