Friday, July 29, 2011

Feeling Tired

just want to let everyone know how i made it through my first treatment. monday was ok, tuesday, i had an appt with the surgeon, wed was a bbaadd day. i had a spurt of energy around ten am. i swept a little part of the floor, vacuumed the stairs. omg, felt like i was in a tornado and could not get out. just to get up to go pee, felt like a ton of lead on my chest.

seriously, inside a tornado........

only a little nausea, not too bad. i am hungry, but nothing is really appealing to me.....i requested spaghetti tonight. the most i have eaten besides life cereal and cucumber, honeydew melon. cutting watermelon tomorrow.

abby and zach are doing great. thanks to debbie white, zachs daycare. she has been a blessing for us. the best daycare around.......definitely.... abby helps me and then helps her mimi too.

thanks everyone for the prayers, flowers, visits..... just keep praying.

this week is over, i have only  three more hard treatments of adriamycin and cytoxan, thenfour treatments of taxol. i have heard the taxol is a lot easier on the body. i need to find some crystallized ginger root.....

until next time, love you all.
again i apologize for no caps, my phone wont let me do much except type and u.

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