Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mini Getaway

This past weekend, my aunt Cindy asked me, Abby and my Mother to go with her to Moosehead Lake. We went to a cabin that was "rustic." We only had electricity by generator a few hours during the day. It was just the 4 of us. We had fun. My aunt Cindy, whom I visited a lot growing up, came up with this great idea. For me to get away for 24 hours before I get my Port and start Chemo. It was fun. I will add some pictures of the cabin and the fire. I guess Girl Scouts comes in handy at this point.

We had one bottle of wine, which was really good. I don't remember the name. Abby had Sparking Grape to drink. We played go fish mostly all night. We watched the sunset go down behind the mountains. Took over 100 pictures of Moosehead and ducks. We met the owner's daughter and husband with their children. Sara was 4 yrs old and was really cute. She helped Abby feed the ducks saturday am.

Abby loved feeding the ducks. They practically ate out of her hands. I will also add pictures of her as well. It was a great 24 hours. I did cry a few times. Once in the water holding Abby and while we were cooking the chicken on the grill. One fell into the fire but it was "saved!" We ate very badly. Tons of snacks. We slept on top of the king sized bunk bed. I have never seen a bed like this. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the king sized bunk bed.

Tomorrow, I get my porta cath inserted and maybe a drain. I still have a lot of swelling in my chest. Echocardiogram due on Thursday. Lafayette on Monday to see Dr. Sinclair and start chemo with Adriamycin and Cytoxan. I am a bit scared about side effects.

I have had a Reiki treatment the other day. This greatly reduces my anxiety. I had a great treatment. My archangel is Rapheal, and my guardian angel is Meredith. She passed away about 18 years ago or so. I have always felt her presence around me. She had leukemia. My mom had 8 brothers and sisters. Cindy is the youngest of the bunch, my mom next and Meredith, then Judy was the oldest girl. (Meredith and Judy are both in heaven).

                                          My Mother in the Cabin Door

                                                               Me taking a Pic of Myself!

                                             Momma Duck          

                                                         THE MOOSE IS LOOSE!

                                         Beautiful Sunset!

                                         Baby Duck Almost Eating Out of Abby's Hand!

I will update everyone with the news of the porta cath working.

Until next time.

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