Thursday, July 14, 2011


i am feeling pretty well today. slept a lot better last night and feel a bit refreshed today. i am keeping a written journal as well as this blog. i need a new one, journal that is. i am also going to pick up a bible today too. i want to read it and feel its calming effect. i have not been very religious but with this diagnosis, i feel closer to god. my family and i are going to church on sunday. deeper life assembly in pittsfield, matthew bagley  no relation  is the pastor. so if we like the church we will stay with deeper life assembly. abby would love to go to sunday school.......they have a little child care for little kids.... i am really happy aboutt this.

i have to apologize for no capitalization, writing this blog from my android, it wont let me do caps, extra punctuation, or any symbols.

i am getting ready to go to bangor for mri, going to borders first then i dont know, mri is at one thirty. need to get groceries. payday today. this is my last paycheck so the next couple of weeks we will be living off troys pay. i make three times what he does. it will be hard, i dont have short term disability.

send prayers and thoughts of angels to me and laura. i will be going to see her tomorrow with my daughter. laura loved abby. i will have abby draw an angel for laura. i will also get a healing stone for her. and i am making a pillow for her to squeeze when she wakes up and needs to cough. please also pray for lauras fmily, jim and melissa, they have been at her bedside since the beginning. thank you.

i love you all. thank you....

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