Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So Much Better, Only to Start over Again on Monday

Hello, I am feeling so much better today. I haven't spent any time sitting in my rocking chair today. I have been up and around. Went to Walmart with my daughter, Abby. Went to lunch at Sawyer's Dairy Bar with Abby and Troy, he was going on lunch break.

And Abby shaved the back of my head to 1/8 of an inch. Buzz Cut like Troy and Zach. The top is still long, though I did trim the sides and back myself. Abby had so much fun zapping my hair with the buzzer. So much hair cut off. OMG! it was all over the place. It is so much easier, and I feel air on the back of my head. My hair had started to thin out. I have been told by Day 14, it will start to really fall out.

I keep telling Troy and Abby that I am going to look like a Sphinx. (A hairless cat)!! They think not. Troy thinks it is going to be cute. I am not so sure. My hair is my hair. I know it will grow back but the thought of me being bald, I don't like it.

I did pick out my wig and it is hanging in my room. It is a bit lighter. It is synthetic. A real hair wig is about $250, the one that I got was $100. We are a little strapped for money so I got the synthetic one. I have been told not to COOK with it because it will burn. It's name is "BETH" (catalog name). I got it at Hair and Co. in Brewer, by the IGA outer North Main Street ( rt 9).

My middle name is Elizabeth, how weird is that, that my wig's name is BETH!!! haha.

I want to thank everyone again for all the prayers and cards. Everyone that has come to see me, I really appreciate it.

My next infusion is on Monday. Just as I am feeling a whole lot better and can play outside with my kids, I have to start the whole process over again. My appetite is better, but I have still lost 10 lbs. 10 lbs in one week, that is so crazy!!!

I can not get enough fruit and juice. I have never craved so much juice before. I have been eating better the last few days.

I was out with my kids tonight after supper playing in the yard, pinching back dead flowers in my healing garden. jumping in the yard with Zach and Abby. I have so much energy. It's hard to believe that I will have to do the whole infusion and fatigue thing over again.

I have tried to get as much done as I can. I have the energy right now to do laundry and little bit of cleaning around the house.

I have started an afghan, ripple pattern. light purple and dark purple. I work on it when I am not feeling well. This will be my "healing afghan". I might even give it to my oncology doctor in the end when it is done. Dr. Sinclair at Lafayette is awesome.

I also want to thank Karen B. my Reiki Practitioner. Without her, I wouldn't be able to make it through what I have had to go through. She has been one of my angels.

Well until next time, Love you all.

Sphinx Cats, Hairless, Funny Looking


Amethyst Crystals, Healing Crystals

Tiger's Eye, healing Crystal

Pink Ribbon, Made on my Computer

From my Healing Garden

Abby in the Pool before Hand Stand

Abby doing handstand in Pool!!!

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  1. Dearest Jenn,
    I will be thinking about you tomorrow 8/8/11 As will my mother. She and I have come to an agreement that when you do have your hair shaved that we will proudly do ours to show our support and our belief in you. Hair is just hair, It will grow back and You are just as beautiful without your hair as you are with it. Hang in there sweetie. You are a fighter and have an long list of supporters for you and who are praying for you. I am looking forward to your next blog, Until then remember that we are thinking about you and are praying for you daily. Mom sends her love and wants to let you know that not one day goes by that she doesn't think about you. Sending HUGS and Lots of Love too You..

    Melissa ;)