Monday, August 29, 2011

A Good Day with Zach

I had most of today with my son, zachary. daddy was off doing his fantasy football draft with his buddies. Zach and i played a princess computer game (was Abby's), then had cheese pizza for lunch. he ate the bread and i ate his cheese. after that we played wii resort he loves the plane and the water skiing between obstacles. he also likes the bicycle one. i think i got more pf a workout today then in the last 4 weeks!  we had turned the wii off and started watching lion king 1 1/2 and loves pumba the pig. we had a good day today, just me and him. i havent been able to do much over the last week with him. we snuggled and snuggled.

he is a good boy. just needs to quite regressing to (terrible 2s). usually happens when there is a stresspr in the home. need to use timeout and time. his mom is being treated for a bad breast cancer.

i will give him all i got when i am good.

i love both my kids!

xx  xx

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