Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Trip to See a Friend

Hello all. I just want to drop a quick note. i went into Bangor today to visit my friend, alaura morgan. she was in the car accident back in july, when her guardian angel pulled her from her car before it caught on fire. She is looking good. She still has a couple of wounds that are trying to heal but she is in good spirits. i held her hand for quite a whiile. i made her a nice bright pink pillow with a star on the outside. she took her little pillow, hospital one (Ihave 2 from both my surgeries, they are quite thin) she immediately placed it to her belly. i am glad that she liked it.

8 went to AC Moore and felt good while walking around. i had some ideas to make a cross stitch piece with dragonflies for my reiki master, there wasnt a single package with dragonflies. only butterflies. so i am gonna make my own pattern and figure outt the colors myself. i just print graph paper to match the linen i will use. she will be surprised. Karen has been a godsend, i dont think that i would have made it this far  without her and reiki. she has been my outside support during my time of need. she has sat with me and listened to all my fears, happiness, family things. she has not once asked for any moneey. she is one of my reiki guides. she is a true inspiration to me. she has opened me up and helped me to achieve the next level of healing myself. Karen, you will be missed when you return to your home town. i will be looking for you in the spring.

I have also chat rooms from, forums and blogs. i converse with women all over the united states through these forums. thank god i have people to talk with whom are going through the same.

see u all later.

Have a happy and safe Labor Day. Don't drink and drive!

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