Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Radiation Oncology Consultation

Hello everyone, I know, it has been a week since my last communication. I had my radiation consult today with dr. szal. he was very nice, very thorough. i will be getting 33 treatments of radiation. Which is about 5 to 6 weeks worth.                                                                                        

Taxol side effects have been a lot different then the side effects of adriamycin and cytoxan. i am weak, tired and cant feel my toes. they are so numb! esp my big toes.cant feel a thing u til zach steps on them, right on the edge, then it really hurts.                                                                

One step at a time, one step closer to the final chemo. I will be taking pics of my last day at Lafayette with a picture of me outside of the building.                                                                          

My cat needs to b euthanized tomorrow. he is 15 yrs old, but he broke his left front paw, won't put any weight on it. i have made him comfy with a soft blanket. abby is pretty upset. he has been around longer than she has. hugs to all                                                                                      

 post more tomorow.


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