Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3 Down, 5 More to GO

Well, I had my 3rd Treatment yesterday. It went pretty well, took some premeds before the infusion and was quite sleepy. But sleeping is good at this time. I had a dear friend take me to the treatment this time, Jenny D. Thank you. 

I felt that Troy needed some Abby and Daddy time. They went to Bangor, looking at instruments for Abby this year, saw a Matinee of Spy Kids, and then had lunch at the Olive Garden. They had a great day and I am greatful. Troy needed some time away. Though I did miss him. 

Today, I am feeling tired. Slept to 1130 then came down stairs to sit in rocking chair. Watched some Forensic Files and than about 230 I fell asleep until 445. wow. tired. Tomorrow, I feel that I will probably be more fatigued, then tired. Took my decadron and some phenergan, I think the phenergan is what made me tired. But that is ok. I would rather sleep through the fatigue then be awake!!!!

Kids are doing great. Though Zach fractured his radius need the wrist, (missed the growth plate though, phew!!) He is doing great with his splint, not taking it off. I am sure it feels better with the splint on! more support.

Well, gonna go, just wanted to update blog.
Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure is on Sept 18th. please donate if you can under Team Name      Team Caring Soul. my team name, if you would like to walk as well you can register under my team name too. 

Thank you for all the love, prayers, thoughts. 

Love Jennifer

My Loving Family

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