Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reiki Guides, Angel Guides

I want to first thank Karen Belanger, my Reiki Master. If it weren't for your gift of relaxation, spirituality, and loving acceptance, i probably would have worse chemotherapy symptoms. I believe that the meditations, crystal healing and soul searching have and will continue to heal me and kill those cancer cells. The power of prayer and meditation have grounded me. i do feel as though my energy is so high and intuned with my body, that these bad cells don't stand a chance!

Again, Karen, thank you for all that you have done for me. taking time from your busy summer schedule to teach, mentor and release with me. Thank you, from my soul. I love you.

To my Husband, Troy, without you, there would be no way I could get through this. I love you!!
To Debbie White, who has helped more then she knows. Zach has a special daycare provider. I am glad he is with you  and Danielle. He loves  "Debbie's Castle". I thank Katie for the necklace and magnet that she made me. Debbie, can you tell her again thank you. i will make her a special bracelet as well.

Gail, my mother-in-law, thank you for watching abby this summer. Though she loves to be with you all the time. Your bed must be more comfy.

Mom and dad, thank you for the support, money, babysitting..... I know you would if you could, get rid of this cancer.

There is a reason for God giving me this little hurdle in life, to make me believe, or become a better nurse practioner. to be able to relate better with my spirituality and my patient's.

As for my patients whom are reading this right now, (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), thank you for all of the positive energies and and prayers. Soul catching I love you all.

I will be starting a new fb group, the caring soul (something) and offer tips about energy, spirituality and healjing. cystals, archangels, etc. be on the look out.

I am feeling pretty good. On my off week of chemo, i have problems falling asleep. I dont when I am so fatigued  after chemo.

My next chemo infusion is mon, Aug  22. I will be down next week.

love you all, thank you in supporting me.

My team for the susan G Komen race is Team Caring Soul.

love xoxoxo

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