Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zachary is 4 Today.

My kids make out every year. Unfortunately, my parents live 2 hours away but Mimi, my mother in law, lives 2 seconds away, my kids love going to Mimi's house. My children always have 2 birthday parties. One here in Newport, then one at my mom's house on Mount Desert Island. I have pictures of the cake that my Mimi (Troy's mom) got Zach and I will post pics of the cake that I will be taking down to Grammy's (my mom) house on Sunday. Both are very beautiful cakes.

Pictures at Field of Dreams, Rt 7 in Unity. Playground that Abby loved as a toddler. It was time to take Zach. We went on Saturday. He loved every minute of it.

Cake from SnS, at Mimi's House
I am very sure that the Cake by Jess, Lightening McQueen is going to taste really good. 

cake by Jess Adams, for Grammy's House
My little boy is 4 years old. I can not believe it. He had a good day though. We spent some time in Ellsworth, Dentist appt for me, tooth needed to be pulled. So my mom watched Zach and Abby while I was in the chair. He was good, I never heard him cry or screech. 

He got a pail and shovel, a lightening mcqueen Legos set from Grammy and jammies. Mimi got him a Fireman's hat and a fire engine, and jammies too. Abby got him scooby doo figurines dressed up as Pirates. He loves pirates!! some coloring books, Umi Zoomie, Bubble Guppies. His favorite. Thomas the train small set. He had a great day. 

He is another year older. He goes to school next year, hopefully. 

Love you Zach, 

Abby and I at the Olive Garden on Monday, April 16th.

Me and my Do

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