Saturday, April 14, 2012

I am the Toughest girl I know!!!

Did you see the tattoo? I think it is awesome!!!  I probably will get it, but gotta wait for my right side to heal. Not getting it on the left. 

Teachers are important to our rising young children. You and I are alike in that, we will do what we put our minds to. I was told in High School by my guidance counselor no less, that I would not make it through Nursing School. Look at me now. I made it through nursing school, graduate school, and now made it through breast cancer and still kicking!! I told myself back in 1991, (when I graduated high school) that I was going to prove my counselor wrong. Here I am. Great family, great career and now my life. (I am gonna post this email on my bloggie.) cause I really like the way it is coming out. 

Love always, 

Bright Crystally Blessings.

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