Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Drain is Gone

It is finally gone!! It hurts still but at least the rubber foriegn body is out of my body. It made me feel quite depressed. Something about the rubber. Something about having a foriegn body under your skin, makes me feel horrible. I have lost 12 lbs since my surgery 2 weeks ago. Very good for me as the Tamoxifen I'm on, can cause weight gain!! I feel pretty good right now, except I can't sleep!!! Please pray for Carol, she is the mom of a friend's friend in Florida. She was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer and is now in the hospital, post-mastectomy. Hibiscus, thanks. Let her know that i am keeping Carol in my thoughts!!! We are Pink Sistah's. I think I might just start a new support group on fb called pink sistahs!! For survivors and family members! I will be having an open house, Breast Cancer Support Group that I am starting at the Newport Cultural center on April 21st. All survivors are very welcome to come. Even significant others. Light refreshments will be served. Love Always, Bright Crystally Blessings Jen

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