Sunday, April 29, 2012

Teresia Reiki Retreat

Welcome again.

I just got back a few hours ago from my first Reiki Retreat. It was such a Spiritual Event. There were friends, food, Stones (cleansed with the 3 most important cleansers of all.). Sun, Moon, Salt Water.

Bailey Island.

I love MDI, but I also love the feel of this Island. Bailey Island is a small one about 45 min south of Brunswick.

So much food. Yummy, Pear Muffins, Spinach and Cheese Squares, Asparagus Quiche, Spinach Quiche, Hard Boiled Eggs. So much more. Herbal Popcorn (I brought), more Muffins, blueberry, cranberry and choc chip, ginger and choc, and coffee cake muffins.

It was so beautiful. I got there on Friday evening, sat with a fire in the fireplace in the cottage called Briney Cottage. This was a rented cabin with most amenities. No phone, (though I had cell phone), no TV, no radio. It was a long ride but worth it. I wish I could have brought Troy and Abby. Reiki is meditation and Spiritual.

Michelle, Mind, Body and Soul, brought most of her Gems. Boy did she have some beauties!! A large Clear Quartz point that I really wanted but it was $55! Double terminated, so many different varieties.

I slept on an air mattress upstairs with 2 of my Reiki Masters, whom attuned me to Master. Jeanne and Charlotte. Joan didn't get there until Saturday.

The views were awesome. The ocean and the waves crashing. So peaceful. We walked on the beach and collected Stones. Asking Mother Earth for her presents. Taking what felt right, choosing the right Stones. (pictures to be posted in a bit).

Group Reiki performed on each other. This is so relaxing. There were about 5 in my group. I was second to receive and felt great. Then I gave Reiki to the others. I placed Gems on the Chakras for 3 of the others. Was nice!

We had a bonfire Saturday night on the beach. We set off Wish Lanterns that night. We lit the bottom of the paper lantern and the hot air caused it to fly up into the sky. Lots of stars out. They were 100% biodegradable. As they burned out, they disappeared up into the black starry sky. As they traveled up, they took our wishes, our intentions into the sky. So AMAZING!!

So many feelings, so many new friends. The end of a long Journey. The new me, the new rebirth of my new life. Cancer free, Alive, here for my children and Troy. Boy do I love them so much. Sorry if I am making you cry.

It is not a time to cry but to laugh. I am here. I'm not going anywhere!!

It was a great weekend. Thanks so Much Jeanne, Charlotte and Joan, I had a great time. Love you all. I can not wait for Karen B. to meet all of you.

I brought back 3 small totes of Bailey Island rocks. perfect in size and shape. I had a nice granite piece of Stone in my truck from MDI. It had been in my truck for some time, just waiting for the right time. This was it. I gave it to the shore of Bailey Island for allowing me to share their Stones with my family and friends. I have some great ideas. All money made will benefit Breast Cancer Research. I will be making some jewelry and some other nifty ideas for my Etsy Shop.

Will post pics later
Love you all,
Love and Light, Bright Crysally Blessings


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