Thursday, March 8, 2012


I will be taking my Level 3 Reiki Master Class on Saturday. I will be stepping up to the next level of my Energy Attunements. I will also be seeing family from a previous life. Sisters. A feeling that you get, de je vu. Probably spelled wrong.

Jeanne, Charlotte and Joan will be performing the Master Class. I will be traveling to Norway for this. I can't wait. This is an important day. I wish Karen B. was here to finish my Reiki Journey to Master level. She attuned me to Level 1 and 2. She helped me kill my cancer, and speed recovery. Because of Medititation and Reiki Energy, I got through chemotherapy with fatigue only as a major side effect.

My Reiki Guides, my Archangels, My Ascending Masters, and my Guardian Angel Meredith (Thompson) got me through and have healed me. I am CancerFree!

I will be going in for an elective Right Breast Mastectomy on March 23rd. This is my choice since the tumors in my left breast were so aggressive. They say that by the time you feel the lump, it is too late. If you remember, my breast cancer was Stage 3 with 10 tumors spanning 11 cm. (your cervix has to dilate to 10cm to pass a baby's head through!). I had not felt well for about one year before my diagnosis. This is why I am having my right breast removed. ALONG with my Port a Cath!! YAY.

Bright Crystal Blessings,

Jennifer, Crystal Cohort of HMoon.

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