Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lotus Flower Tarot

Earth Magic Tarot  Cards.

My pick for today is:

Lotus Flower


The lotus flower sits upon one of its leaves,having risen to the surface as the sun--held in the hand of God--invites it upward to the light. This unique plant is rooted in the mud and muck at the bottom of a body of water, its stem reaching up to the surface, where the leaves rest quietly. At nighttime the flower closes and sinks below the surface, only to rise with the daylight and once again gradually unfold its petals, its stem extending above the waterline three feet or more,

What we learn from this amazing plant is how our own spiritual path unfolds and opens to the light, then at times gently folds in on itself for a proper rest when the daylight fades. This period is just as necessary as the growth, for it allows the plant to integrate what it has gained in nourishment during the day. It's also just as important that it is rooted, and yet another miracle of Nature that something so exquisitely beautiful is formed from the mud and silt at the water's bottom.

Your spiritual unfoldment is occurring whether you are aware or not. The Stem is the grounding wire of your spirituality. Your soul is constantly reaching out for karmic destiny in the light, but even in that process there are periods of darkness and times to rest. It is a natural cycle, one that can not be truly coerced or halted. It has an intimate rhythm of its own, one that is unique to the being that is you. You do not need to strive or be driven by spiritual ambition, it does no good to try to force growth upon yourself or others, for that matter, allowing is the key here. Allow the place in you that naturally wants to follow the light to do so well recognizing that even when you have complete faith, you will face challenges and, occasionally, suffering. Your steady faith and love will guide you on your journey of returning to the light. 

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