Tuesday, October 25, 2011

1 More to Go!!!!!!

I am really excited to say in one week, I have my last chemotherapy infusion! Yay me! Taxol. Hard on my body though I think it is a bit better than the A/C. One of theater side effects of taxol is neuropathy. I now know what my diabetic pts are talking about. It hurts like he'll. I have it in my toes to the knuckles and in the tips of my fingers. It hurts if ach steps on my feet with or without shoes on. They are super sensitive.

I meet with my surgeon tomorrow to talk about removing more lymph nodes and rt Brest. I am opting forca personal choice of removing my rt breast because my cancer was stage 3.

I am speaking at the cultural center in Newport about my journey and early detection of self breast exams. I am really excited! I will be also raffling off my jewelry and some lobsters. Tickets sold at cultural center.

Hopefully all goes well. I need to do some research on numbers and such. It will turn out ok.

I want to thank Sverige whom have helped my family.


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