Sunday, June 3, 2012

Muladhara Sanskrit for Root Chakra

Root Chakra or Muladhara


It is through the first chakra that energy from the earth enters the suble energy system of the body, an where we would feel our connection with the earth on which we live. It gives us a connection with the life on the planet as a whole, that we are not separate little entities.

It is the seat of the Kundalini, the coiled up serpent waiting to spring. It controls the horizontal section of the body from just below the buttocks to a point just above the sexual organs; excretion and digestion of food.

We must balance this chakra before moving on to the others. Otherwise our growth will be without roots, i.e., ungrounded.

The stones that help this Chakra are Red Jasper, bloodstone, Ruby, Chocolate Tourmaline.

Other names: Root, base muladhara, Kundalini (Sanskrit)

Root Chakra is at the base of the spine and the pubic bone. It encompasses the genitals and reproductive organs.

Color: red

Key Words: stability, solidarity, unity and form.

The organ associations are the gonads, also the coccygeal body, adrenal gland, the kidneys and the spinal column

The importance of the location is the kundalini

The many attributes of this Chakra are that it is athletic, it cares about survival, sensuality, pleasure and power.

Governs: perception of the physical world, willpower, motivation and intent

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