Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Troy

16 years ago yesterday, I married my best friend. Troy, I love you with all of my heart. I am so glad we went out last night. Texas Roadhouse and a Movie, Men In Black 3. It was a lot of fun. Love you!!!

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  1. I have just come across your blog today. I see that you have not posted anything lately. I was recently diagnosed with stage 3 invasive tubular breast cancer HER2 negative, so it LOVES estrogen. (possibly stage 4, they could not biopsy the place behind my lung, without damaging something critical). So, I have been looking to find what I can do with alternative treatments.

    How are you since your chemo and mastectomy? I have not found many people who post about the effects, during and after (especially MANY years afterwards) their treatment. The doctors refuse to give me the statistics of those who actually survive longer than five years (I have asked for statistics past the seven year mark). So, this does NOT lead me to believe in chemo. They have suggested the same aggressive chemo that you receive, the same chemo drugs (though not tamoxifen).

    My doctors have laughed at me for going on an alkaline diet and drinking alkaline water. I am just trying to get my body back into alignment as possible before even considering chemo.

    My email is Please write back to me, if you feel up to it. It would be really nice to converse with someone who has gone through this.