Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another New Venture

To all of my followers out there. Yes, you. You know who you are.......

I start my new NP position June 4, and start seeing patients on June 11. I am really excited, long story. But I will be joining Jim Love PA at Sebasticook Family Doctors  in the Pittsfield office.

I am home, for now. Busy. Getting the pool ready. there is only about 16 inches of water in it, but the kids have played in it the last 2 days. It is a soft side pool but with the posts. Same as last year. I just never got it down this past fall cause I was still having chemo. The energy wasn't there. So it sat in our yard all winter with about 2 or 3 inches of water, leaves, bugs, and yucky stuff till this past weekend.

I got in the pool with zach (after scooping out as much of the leaves and debris that I could) and we scrubbed the floor the walls, the whole inside of the pool. Rinsed down the sides and then Troy brought up our sump pump (well an extra one) and we pumped out the few inches of water and began filling it with fresh water.

Well, knee deep water is awesome. Our neighbor came over and he and Abby and Zach had a grand ole time. they were splashing around like it was the middle of summer. That water was cold but kids love cold water!! and such a relief after coming home from school. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I am sure Abby will be in the pool when she gets home. She loves it in there. She spends most of her summer there when I am home.

I will continue to have Wednesdays off and weekends. though I will be taking call during the week on a rotating schedule.

Has anyone tried the pear muffins? Let me know. Either post to Facebook or write below on the comment box. thanks.


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