Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Radiation 7 Down, 26 more to go

Hello everyone. I know, I know. I should be sleeping, only I can't. I am full of energy. Just gave my son amini reiki treatment and he is now asleep and not coughing. He had been coughing since 12 midnight. He has started this thing where he won't take cough medicine. He has always been a good med taker. So, My hands were full--holding him. My intent and making the reiki symbols with my eyes and humming at same tind no soecific song, put him to sleep.

I have had 7 radiation treatments, have 26 more to go for a total of 33. My skin has not started burning yet. I feel like thre is an itch and can't reach it. Sometimes I feel like a prickly feeling but nothing is there. It definitely isn't as hard as the chemo.

My hair is starting to grow, my eyelashes and eyebrows came back. Troy was hoping that my hair would come back, RED. It didn't, dark BROWN! very dark brown. Oh well. It is very soft. Like baby hair! It feels really wierd.

I have to be up in 5.5 hrs. Since getting over my last chemo treatment, I definitely don't have to sleep as much. I can get up in 5 hrs and be ok, but before chemo i had to get at least 8 hrs sleep (right hunny? Right mom?) lol. So funny.

I will post some picks of my new hair tomorrow.

Love and Hugs to all
Especially My Pink Sisters!!!
Jennifer (www.healingsoulbyjenbagley.blogspot.com)

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