Thursday, December 1, 2011

Delay in Rads, Surgery on Friday

So, I obtained a second opinion with Dr. Susan O'Connor for removing more lymph nodes. Radiation or Rads for short, has been pushed at least 2 weeks off.

I have wanted to have my other lymph nodes removed before chemo but my initial surgeon did not want to hold chemo. Then after chemo, he said that there are new studies out that state that by going back in to remove lymph nodes, it would not prolong my life or mortality. I did not like his answer.

Thanks to my Aunt Cyndi whom I love dearly, came to my last two infusions. My husband, Troy was home with Zach who had a cold. Well Cyndi really pushed and asked about a second opinion. I am glad that I got to see O'Connor.

Surgery tomorrow, need to be at EMMC at 9am and surgery is at 1030 am. Dr. O'Connor will make a small incision and remove a number of lymph nodes. She will send away for pathology. We will see.

Rads will start after drains come out and I have recovered, about 2 weeks.

Supper on Saturday night. I will be there. I may come home same day as surgery or may stay overnight, not sure yet. But I will not miss the supper that Debbie White is putting on for me and Troy. I want to thank her and her daughter, Danielle. They are doing a lot for us. Danielle is taking Zach for the night, he will have fun because my other great friend, Alicia is bringing her boyfriend's daughter over to play. Rylie. They should have fun.

I want to thank everyone for all the support and thoughts. Well wishes.

Can everyone who is reading this, send a special prayer for Abby Caron, she is a young girl at Zach's daycare. She had several strokes a few weeks ago and has been diagnosed with MoyaMoya disease. A problem with circulation in the brain. She is going to Boston on Monday for an angiogram of her brain. Please send prayers on Monday am. She is a brave and cute little girl!!! There will be a supper for her next weekend I believe as well. Please keep her in your prayers. I made a bracelet for her and her mother. Please visit my Facebook Page    The Wishing Tree.!/pages/The-Wishing-Tree/148676808562055. Please click Like if you like the page. thanks.

I will update after surgery.

Love you all.

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